Empty coal unit train rolls through plains under an ominous sky

As a common carrier operating in diverse conditions across vast landscapes, BNSF is constantly monitoring all aspects of weather, including wind. Here in British Columbia, we are using a new technology to track the wind and ensure safe passage through the region.

First dreamt up by Luke Johnson (General Director, Montana Division), BNSF train crews now have access to an app that gives them a clear vision of real-time wind patterns along their routes. Using a tablet and working in conjunction with dispatchers in Ft. Worth, crews can now cross-confirm readings on wind strength and direction in real-time which saves time during and after slowdowns, all while ensuring crew safety. The collaborative effort to go above and beyond general responsibilities to make this app a reality is a prime example of what sets BNSF employees apart. Championing a combination of character and creativity propels our team to overcome nearly any obstacle.